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When the efforts are sincere, intentions noble, and aspirations high, success is a natural by-product.

The story of Basoli began way back in the 1970s in a small north Indian village amongst the mountains where I grew up watching my grandmother take the simplest ingredients and making distinct dishes that left a mark on your taste buds for life. What I learned from her is that food preparation is an art and it’s combining simple ingredients distinct spices and flavors that make food become alive.

I have cherished memories of laying under the stars and listening to her stories that were deeply rooted in her own experiences and the kindness with which she touched everyone around her. The joy she would feel when guests arrived and the excitement with which she prepared every dish was astonishing to witness.

At Basoli, we instill the same love and kindness in everything we produce; from choosing the finest locally produced Organic Ingredients to taking the time to slow cook and prepare food in an authentic home-style way. Our Food is made with passion, traditional herbs, and spices passed down the centuries, redolent with aromas that tingle the taste buds. It is our promise that the flavors and taste will make you come back for more and more!

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